Theaters & Live Shows

Grand Jubilee - Grand Country Music Hall

Audiences fall in love with the tight harmonies and dynamic performance of Branson’s BEST Quartet, New South! Mark, David, Jason & Jon sing today’s country hits as well as quartet classics from the Oak Ridge Boys to the Eagles. From Country and hand-clapping Gospel, to decades of Rock & Roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee will surpass expectations of any age.

Comedy is abundant! Jamie Haage, as Jim Dandy and Emcee, Mike Patrick, will keep you absolutely doubled over in laughter. Along with the power vocals of Jackie Brown, this show is a bomb with the fuse lit!

Having won “Show of the Year”, “Branson’s Best Variety Show”, “Quartet of the Year”, “Band of the Year”, “Comedian of the Year”, “Emcee of the Year”, “Piano Player of the Year”, “Fiddle Player of the Year”, “Bass Guitar Player of the Year”, “Guitar Player of the Year”, “Drummer of the Year”, “Instrumentalist of the Year”, and “Steel Guitar Player of the Year”, it’s not hard to see why Grand Jubilee is the one show that will stay with you long after your vacation is over.

It’s Branson’s most entertaining show… ask anybody!   Book Online

Comedy Jamboree

A rollercoaster of laughs, comedy, music, dance and family fun! Don’t miss this comedy and musical extravaganza! Starring funny guys, Applejack, Harley Worthit, and Stretch McCord; the Jamboree Singers; pianist extraordinaire, Tracy Heaston; and the award-winning Grand Band.

From hilarious, clean comedy, floor-pounding clogging and dancing, to today’s country hits, this show is a HOT TICKET!

For an amazing afternoon of fun, the Comedy Jamboree is a MUST SEE. You will laugh until it hurts! Book Online


Sight & Sound Theatre- Jonah

Set sail on an extraordinary journey with one of the Bible's most colorful prophets! This lively, exhilarating family musical delivers powerful themes of love, mercy, obedience and second chances in an uproarious adventure that brings you right into the heart of the action! Experience the mighty storm at sea that breaks apart an enormous ship - right before your eyes! Then be immersed in an underwater world and witness the giant fish that swallows God's misguided prophet.

Jonah will have your entire family laughing, crying and identifying with a man who rediscovers the unfathomable mercy of God. Book Online

Adventures of Marco Polo

Since Marco Polo’s travels, the world has been swept away with the fascination of China. This epic show is an adventure, a love story, and many discoveries as told from Marco Polo’s journals. Showcasing original orchestration, amazing dance and acrobatics The White House Theatre brings this incredible historic journey to Branson for its world debut. · Featuring over 300 costumes · 66+ international cast members · A million dollar 50 by 30 foot LED screen that brings this one of a kind historical adventure to life. With a Cirque du Soleil style performance, this is a new must see in Branson. Be sure not to miss out on the full 3-Course meal option that we offer before the show. When attending the 2pm matinee, arrive for the 12:30pm dinner at 12:15pm. When attending the 7:30pm performance please arrive by 6pm for dinner. Book Online


King's Castle Theatre

The award winning shows at the King's Castle Theatre are produced and created by David King who is one of England's most respected international producers. David is responsible for the world wide smash hit "Spirit of the Dance" as well as many other famous shows. At any one time, up to 20 of David's productions are touring the world, including resident productions in Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, New York, and more. Branson is honoured to play host to David King's superb productions.   Book Online



Baldknobbers Jamboree Show

The Branson family entertainment phenomenon began over 50 years ago in 1959 when the four Mabe brothers, known as the Baldknobbers, began entertaining visitors on the Branson lakefront. Today, the family legacy continues to WOW Branson audiences by delivering everything from traditional country to today’s #1 hits and dynamite comedy. Join the 2nd & 3rd generations of the Mabe family as they carry on the family tradition of great country music and side-splittin' comedy.

Joined by a cast of dynamic singers, musicians, comedians, and entertainers who perform your favorite Country Classics, Hot-New Country Hits, with Lots of Hilarious Comedy. Life Magazine summed up all this great entertainment by saying “Branson is the Baldknobbers!”

With a completely new show every year, longtime Baldknobbers’ fans and new fans alike appreciate the Baldknobbers’ family traditions. It’s the “Songs You Know By Heart” and hilarious comedy that have made this show popular from generation to generation. Come celebrate over 50 years of family fun with The Baldknobbers Jamboree only in Branson, Missouri!  Book Online

Pierce Arrow Show

The new Pierce Arrow show packs more punch per square foot than any other theater in the Branson city limits. This year the show features a completely renovated stage light and sound system. As well as the fresh one of a kind custom tailored wardrobe that tailored Elvis Presley’s costumes as well. If you think you’ve seen the Pierce Arrow show, think again in 2014…Hot. New. Branson! Book Online



Shoji Tabuchi Show

The Shoji Tabuchi Show, celebrating over 20 years in Branson, is a wonderful, glamorous state-of-the-art variety production rivaling the pure excitement of Las Vegas or New York. This fabulous family production consists of an excellent sampling of Shoji's world-renowned fiddle mastery and showmanship as an entertainer; his wife Dorothy's gifted abilities as the show's creator, producer and director; and his daughter Christina's talent as dancer and vocalist. Comprised of music and dance of virtually every style, including country, gospel, Cajun, big band, show tunes, fifties and classical, with cultural experiences such as fantasy visits to Hawaii, the Mardi Gras and Broadway.  Book Online


The Bretts Celebrate Show

Having appeared on worldwide television and in more than 3500 live performances around the globe, ThE BRETTS celebrate their 15th anniversary in Branson, Missouri with the all-new THE BRETTS CELEBRATE SHOW. Don't miss the fun, the energy and the inspiration in this fast-paced, high-energy family entertainment experience, guaranteed to be the best BRETTS show yet!. Book Online




Legends in Concert

Now playing at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Legends in Concert has a ROCKIN' line-up of stars ready to take the stage! Using authentic costumes and their own natural voices, the Legends in Concert cast captures the very essence of the stars they re-create with such emotion and attention to detail – you have to see it to believe it! See stars such as Michael Jackson, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Aretha Franklin, Liberace, George Strait, Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, The Blues Brothers and Elvis Presley. With a rotating line-up that changes four times a year, there is truly something for everyone! The lobby of the theater is filled with priceless and unique memorabilia from Dick Clark Productions. Take a step back in time and enjoy pieces from Frankie Avalon to Tina Turner….and much, much more! You receive this added value to your experience at no additional charge. Come to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater today to experience Legends in Concert – you will believe!. Book Online


Acrobats of Shanghai

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is a spectacular extravaganza of elegant eastern dance, dazzling acrobatics, mysterious magic, mystical music, and more. Over 40 amazing performers bring the Orient to Branson with fabulous backdrops, state-of-the-art lighting, and a fast-paced, exciting production! Celebrate the exotic wonders of China and enjoy the dramatic interpretation of classic Chinese dance and physical performance art.

You'll be on the edge of your seats as these talented acrobats top each other with one amazing feat after another in this celebration of Chinese history and culture. You'll marvel not only at the amazing athletic ability of the performers but at the grace and beauty of the performance.

East meets West at the New Shanghai Theatre! From the moment you arrive at the New Shanghai Theatre you're transported to another world, where anything can happen…and does. Book Online

Ayo/Voices of Glory

"AYO starring Voices of Glory" kicks off its first season in Branson at the Hughes Brothers Theatre. The new show stars some very famous siblings, Michael, Avery, and Nadia Cole, who together are known as Voices of Glory. AYO (Yoruba for Joy) is being co-produced by the Hughes Brothers who are known for their creative productions including the show "it" and the "Hughes Brothers Christmas Show." Jason Hughes says, "In 'AYO' we're taking the audience on a journey of joy using song, dance, lights, and the personalities of Michael, Avery, and Nadia, backed up by a live band." Michael Cole adds, "We love the music and we love what music can do for people. In 'AYO' we want the audience to feel what we feel when we sing - a pure call to joy!" Shows are from March through December, check schedule for exact dates and specific show times.

Nadia Cole says, "'AYO' adds another level to the Branson show mix. While AYO features our original music, and of course our gospel favorites, it also reaches out to visitors of all ages with current and familiar songs that speak to the musical soul." Avery Cole adds, "AYO is also a slang term for 'Hey you'... and we're hoping that just like that term reaches out and grabs your attention... that AYO will reach out and grab your heart!" Book Online


Hughes Brothers Christmas Show

The Hughes Brothers are not the typical vocal group. Their powerful voices have the ability to astound you. It’s no wonder they were voted Best Vocal Group. But the Hughes Brothers are more than just a "vocal group". Also featured in the show is the rest of the family... the 5 wives and now 30 kids. You have never seen so much talent in one single family! Incredible vocals, dance and instrumentals performed by the "World's Largest Performing Family".

Make sure you put the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show on your "must see" list. This extremely popular, old fashioned country Christmas show combines holiday family traditions with fabulous music, inspiring instrumentals and exciting dance: All designed to bring back memories of Christmas past. As one audience member put it, "You don't just see this show; you feel it!" Book Online

The Rankin Brothers

The critically acclaimed Rankin Brothers' Classic Music Revue take you on a trip down memory lane as the multi-talented Rankin Brothers, their dynamic female vocalists, and their all-star band amazingly and authentically replicate the sounds of original artists.

This two-hour, musical journey features timeless Rock-n-Roll Classics, with a variety of additional country and gospel favorites as well. Astonishing musical impressions, brotherly comaraderie and comedy, along with an endearing stage presence have made this duo a Branson favorite!

You'll hear hits from music legends like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond, The Everly Brothers, The Righteous Brothers, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, Simon and Garfunkel, Dean Martin, The Supremes, George Strait, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, and many, many more!

This award-winning show is a must see during your Branson visit. Your whole family will be talking about the phenomenal entertainment experience Rankin Brothers' Classic Music Revue, now at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre. Book Online


Buck Trent Country Music Show

Wake up to Country Music Mornings with Buck Trent and his All-Star Cast now performing at the Baldknobbers Theatre!

Enjoy a show packed full of live country, gospel, and bluegrass music plus hilarious down-home humor. Buck and his exciting cast will set your hands to clappin' and your toes to a-tappin' during this high-energy LIVE country music show! Book Online